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Custom Forgings and Industrial Forged Components-Wind Industrial Supplied co., readily offers rough, semi–finished, and finished machined forgings to meet client specifications. In an effort to save you time and money, we can perform specialized destructive testing (Hot Tensile, PWHT, Charpy, V–Notch) and NDE (Ultrasonic, Mag Particle, Dye Penetrant/LP, PMI) on your material forging requirements.                                     

The following materials are available for your forged products,                                                                                                         including custom forged products, rings, discs, hubs, bars, blocks, shaft, and sleeves etc.  

Forge Products MATERIALS   


 Carbon Tool Steels Aircraft Alloys                     

Alloy Copper Nickel Alloys

Stainless Aluminum High Temp Steels                                                       

Forge Products SERVICES

Design & Engineering

Rough Machining
–Turned to blueprint  specifications                                  

Heat Treating
– Normalize
– Anneal                                                  
– Quench and Temper
– Custom heat treating                

Metallurgical / NDT                                                                       
– Extensive ISO 9000-compliant laboratory equipped to meet all requirements and  technical specifications.

Third-party Certified for TUV, API, SGS industrial and engineered forgings            



Wind Industrial Supplied co., is consistently recognized for quality, competitive pricing and in time delivery with a comprehensive menu of forged products and related services.

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