-40μm+15μm and -32μm+10μm of the 430L Powder,316 & 316L Powder and 304 & 304L Powder.Other Stainless Steel Powders.

Rare Earth Materials,Tin-Lead Alloy,Chromium-Based, Cobalt-Based,Nickel-Based Ingots,Wires,Sheets,Strips,Bars Industries Served.




Wind Industrial Supplied Co., will abide by a comprehensive quality implementation standards and quality tracking system in any of our products, including raw material fields.


This sector contains two main product types.

- Stainless Steel Powder, 304 & 304L Powder, 316 & 316L Powder, 420J2 Powder, 430L Powder and other Stainless Steel Powders, Copper Powder, Nickel based Powder, Titanium Powder.

Gas Atomized and Water Atomized Stainless Steel Powder, High Density and Purity, Low Oxygen Content, Fine Particles form the Fine Mining Material.
Particle Parameters: -400 mesh, -500 mesh, -600 mesh, -800 mesh, and Per-Interval Stainless Steel Powder: -40μm+15μm of the 430L powder, -32μm+10μm of the 430L powder..

Quick Delivery: 20 days for 10,000 kilogram High pure, Per- Interval Stainless Steel Powder.


- Industrial raw material, Monel Alloy, Inconel Alloy, Nickel Based Alloy, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Molybdenum sheet, Niobium sheet, Annealed Tantalum sheet Rare Raw Material and Custom Processing.


Our products are widely used in the automotive, vehicle, petrochemical, power stations, off- shore, environmental protection, electrod, aerospace, metallurgical, micro-electronics, and machine processing industries.



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