forged products>>

Wind Industrial Supplied co., can custom forge and machine parts in more shapes, dimensions and carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys. We heat metal to a precise temperature, then form or press it under great pressure into high-strength closed die forgings, open die forgings drop forgings and rolled rings that meet your exact specifications.


casted products>>

Wind Industrial Supplied co., is a qualified producer of aftermarket and custom castings. we have more sources in the manufacture of carbon steel, stainless steel, grey iron, ductile iron and non-ferrous castings for the oil & gas, marine, cement, power, pump and valve industries. we are equally as skilled in ferrous and non-ferrous castings utilizing investment, sand, die and centrifugal tube casted processes.


industrial components>>

Wind Industrial Supplied co., provides high quality inch and metric size operating and control elements to clients throughout the United States, Canada, Europe area. We pride itself in offering complete non-standard products needed for their special applications. include custom gear, bear, axle, shaft, collar, chainwheel, tools, air & hydraulic cylinder, precision machined parts and stampings, hardware etc…


metal powder&raw material>>

Wind Industrial Supplied co., offers global distribution, flexible production capability, strong technical support, and a reputation for quality in metal powder and rare alloy raw material rod sheet series. Include: 304, 304L, 316 ,316L and 430L stainless steel powder, nickel based alloy, rare earth sourcing; also include monel K500 and inconel 718 etc…used in thermal spraying, cold spraying and MIM industies...


custom forgings and components

Wind Industrial Supplied Co., has been faithfully serving the industrial forged products, including petrochemical, pipeline, automotive, wind energy, valve, pressure vessel, heat exchanger, oil & gas field, marine, and mining industries. We offer our customers a full service manufacturing experience providing them with the highest quality products and services. We have extensive experience in the area of manufacturing and readily offers rough, semi–finished, and finished custom forgings to meet client specifications.

You provide the specs and drawings, and we'll get it done fast and right. Quality assurance and Quick turnaround delivery are our specialty.


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